Erlang Factory Lite Berlin 2014

December 5th, 2014

Yesterday I went to Erlang Factory Lite in Berlin. It was a great day of presentations and chat about Erlang and Elixir. Highlights for me were hearing José talk about Elixir and chatting with Robert Virding at lunch after seeing his talk on Erlang.

I enjoyed pretty much all of the presentations but definitely had some favourites.

Brian Troutwine shared some great information on keeping track of what's happening when you have 30 billion transactions a day (!) and you have to complete them in under 100ms (!). I've added the monitoring and reporting tool exometer to my list of Erlang tools to learn about and play with.

Mariano Guerra took us through his Riak Core sample app. I already had Riak Core on my list of things to play with so it was great to see a worked example and hear about how to use it.

Sonny Scroggin showed how to use XMPP from Elixir and why you might want to consider it for more than just chat. His hedwig library is definitely something I'll have a play with and the presentation gave me some thoughts on what other things I might use XMPP for.

It was also great just to meet and hang out with Elixir and Erlang people and discuss how best to design for OTP so you get scalability, fault tolerance, and all the other good stuff.

I'm really looking forward to Elixir Conf Europe 2015 in Kraków next April now. I don't have an idea for a presentation (yet) but if you do the CFP is open till the end of December.